HOMY Modular Solutions

With  head   offices  in    Lugano , in  the   Italian  part   of  Switzerland,  Homy  is  an international company    specialized     in    light    steel   frame  constructions  based  on modular prefabricated systems.

The company can rely on production premises located in Switzerland, where steel section bars are processed and cut to length and then, if required, the reassembly  of all components, including infill walls, doors and  windows,  is  also  carried  out. Design, instead, is markedly made in Italy, thanks to an engineering and design hub located in Udine, in the Northeast of Italy.

Homy can  count on  prestigious  technical  partnerships   with  strategic   suppliers located  in  Europe  and  a  global   presence   across the  five  continents,  which guarantees quality, processes that are certified at the highest with the capability to have just-in-time production and supply. 

The   flexibility    and   modularity   of   the  Homy   steel  system   enable   a   perfect integration with complementary technologies such  as,  among  others,  heavy   steel structures to cover big spans, to  support  heavy  loads or to  realize   multiple  storey buildings over three levels.

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HOMY Building Solutions Inc.

Homy Bulding Solutions Inc. is a Toronto-based engineering firm that  specializes in designing and supplying air conditioning equipment. In cooperation with reputable manufacturers around the world, the company has always strived to provide top quality heating and cooling equipment. Reducing energy consumption and increasing  efficiency have always been one of the company’s main goals.

The company has done extensive research on gas  heat pump systems over the past years and has achieved remarkable results. Mentioned system works by using municipal gas to provide hot water for heating and domestic  consumption, which has a higher efficiency than common gas boilers. 

Increasing the efficiency of these devices results in lower energy  consumption and  ultimately  lower  costs  for  the end user.