Homy Building Solutions Inc.cooperates with many well known suppliers in HVAC field worldwide. Now we are happy to represent GAHP system in Canada and benefit from expert team in sales and after sales services
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What is GAHP?

The  air  cooled gas absorption heat pump (GAHP) is a  high  efficiency  gas-fired water reversible chiller for residential and light commercial heating and  cooling  demands.

The unit is designed to be installed  outdoors  and connected with a  hydronic coil  located in  the  indoor  air  handling   system  for  heating  and  hot water. The   unit  absorbs   heat  through  an  air-cooled  ammonia-water  absorption  chiller   based   on  the   highly  efficient   generator-absorber  heat  exchanger (GAX) absorption cycle.

The air cooled gas absorption heat pump plays a role of  “boiler”  with  higher  efficiency.   


The gas and/or solar fired air source absorption heat pump GAHP represents the most advanced productivity, broke the limit of solar and air source energy industry, combines three types of clean energy in the commercial and industrial application in the same time.

GAHP also stands for the clean energy which increases powerful impact to human daily life, the earth is for us and for our next generations also.       

Clean energy will become the prevailing main energy  with its  incomparable advantage of environment protection and serve more people, more districts and benefit the planet environment.


  • High efficiency
  • Wide operation ambient temperature range
  • Capable of operation in ambient -30 C
  • Quick full output
  • Intelligent defrost
  • Durable in low ambient temp.
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Low noise
  • Suitable for various terminal
  • for district heating, no secondary network
  • Remote control via App


Homy Building Solutions Inc. has been supplying significant numbers of chillers and electrical heat pumps over the past years through its cooperation with reputable European companies. These devices provide cooling and heating through the use of vapor compression cycles and electricity consumption. The machines are manufactured in different capacities and under EU quality standards.

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What is HEAT PUMP?

The heat pump is a device that allows heat to be transferred from a system at a certain temperature to a system at a higher temperature. In this way it is useful for heating the energy deriving from the cooling of any system that is colder than the one to  be  heated.

Depending on the season, it may be necessary to transfer heat from the environment in which you are located to another environment (summer air conditioning – cooling of the environment), or on the contrary, to bring heat into the environment where you are (winter air conditioning – space heating). This peculiarity is obtained through a special valve, called inversion valve (whose operation will be illustrated in a dedicated paragraph below), which allows through the inversion of the flow direction of the refrigerant in the exchangers, the implementation of the refrigeration cycle direct summer or winter inverse heat pump.


Electrical heat pump removes heat from a low temperature source; transfers it via the compressor to a higher temperature source and to a level more suitable for direct use.

In winter operation the user side heat exchanger (the one that manages the air sent in the rooms to be air-conditioned) acts as a condenser. The compressor sends the refrigerant to the internal heat exchanger on the user side which acts precisely as a condenser, to which it transfers the heat removed from the external environment and then sends the condensed refrigerant to the valve and finally to the evaporator, thus completing the refrigeration cycle. The possibility of switching the operating mode of the user-side and source-side exchangers is allowed by the four-way valve, positioned above the compressor.

The air-to-air heat pump resembles the central air conditioning system. It has indoor and outdoor system components. When discussing typical air conditioning systems., these components are often called the evaporator (indoor unit) and the condenser (outdoor unit). This terminology will work for air conditioning but not for a heat pump.