Established in 2005, VICOT Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech corporation specialized in, production, sales and service of renewable energy products.

The corporation has 2000 employees and 7 business divisions and 4 centers in China as following:

Solar Thermal Energy Equipment Division, Vacuum Tube Division, Gas-fired Air Conditioning Division, Electrical Air Conditioning Division, Enterprise Management Center, Human Resource Center, Financial Center, Engineering Division, Domestic Sales Center, Export,Import Division and Administration Division.

The headquarters is located in Dezhou, the Solar City of China, covering an area of 150,000m2 with modern workshops and office buildings of more than 80,000m2.

Manufacturing facilities and capability as following: 14 production lines for commercial & industrial electrical air conditioners; 7 production lines for gas-fired absorption chiller and heat pumps.

In response to Vicot mission for clean energy and green earth, Vicot gas-fired absorption chiller and heat pumps has been launched after long-term joint effort by Vicot and Rocky Research in US.


Wide range of terminal applicable


GAHP devices can be used in many projects, including residential, office and villa. Project space heating can be provided by  radiator, AHU or fan coil based on the type of use and the conditions of the project.







Operation principle

GAHP represents the most advanced productivity, broke the limit of solar and air source energy industry, combines three types of clean energy in the commercial and industrial application in the same time, extends the application field of clean energy in a milestone way and proves Vicot capability of creating industry benchmark with its technology patent achievements. GAHP also stands for the clean energy’s increasing powerful impact to human daily life, the earth is for us and for our next generations also, clean energy will become the prevailing main energy with its incomparable advantage of environment protection and serve more people, more districts and benefit the planet environment.